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Food As Medicine

Living with high blood pressure or diabetes and can't fit healthy meal options into your budget?

You might qualify for the Food As Medicine program.

Food As Medicine — a program from Tanner's Get Healthy, Live Well — provides weekly boxes of free, fresh and healthy food to area residents struggling with controlling diabetes or high blood pressure and the cost of healthy foods.

Food As Medicine offers:

  • A free blood pressure monitor for patients with high blood pressure
  • Free diabetes and high blood pressure education
  • Free healthy cooking classes
  • Tips on purchasing healthier foods on a budget
  • Free advice on meal planning
  • More intensive education on diabetes and blood sugar
  • And weekly boxes of free, fresh, nutritious food

Joining Food As Medicine

The program is free and available for anyone who:

  • Struggles to keep their blood sugar or high blood pressure under control
  • Has limited access to healthy meal options
  • Wants to learn how to make healthier food choices

With healthy, affordable food, nutrition and diabetes education, healthy cooking classes, health coaching and more, Food As Medicine helps you live a healthier life.

To qualify for the program, you must be:

  • 18 or older
  • Have HbA1c levels higher than 8.0, or
  • Have blood pressure levels over 130/80
  • Don't have access to affordable, healthy meals

See how to enroll in the Food As Medicine program.

Get Healthy, Live Well's free classes show you what diabetes and high blood pressure is — and how to manage it.

Food As Medicine for Diabetes

Take the guesswork out of controlling your blood sugar. This 12-week series will show you how to manage diabetes and prepare food that lowers your blood sugar.

Food As Medicine for High Blood Pressure

Get control of your blood pressure with this six-week series which not only lays out how you can manage your blood pressure but also shows you how to cook heart-healthy meals.

Healthy Food Farmacy

A unique feature of the Food As Medicine program, the Healthy Food Farmacy provides free boxes of fresh, nutritious food.

Through a collaboration with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, you can "shop" weekly with Get Healthy, Live Well's specially trained team members.

We'll help you choose healthier options, plan meals and learn healthier ways to prepare them.

The Healthy Food Farmacy also offers lifestyle and cooking classes, diabetes and high blood pressure education and more, so you can get a handle on your condition.

Healthy Food Farmacy

148 Clinic Avenue
Carrollton, GA 30117

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Food As Medicine for Diabetes

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