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Times when an illness or an injury are urgent but not serious enough for the ER? That's when we are here to help! 

Tanner Urgent Care Wait Times and On My Way

There are times when an illness or an injury is too urgent to wait for a doctor’s appointment but isn’t serious enough for the ER. That’s when Tanner Urgent Care, with locations in Carrollton, Villa Rica and Bremen, makes sense. At Tanner Urgent Care, you don’t need an appointment; just walk in. Our patient care team will provide you with exceptional, Tanner-quality care. You’ll also be glad to know that Tanner Urgent Care has convenient weekend and weekday evening hours for the problems that arise when your doctor’s office is closed.

Please review our Patient and Visitor Guidelines prior to your visit.

To reach Tanner Urgent Care, call: 770.812.9445.

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Reserve your place in line

Use Tanner MyChart's On My Way feature to reserve your place in line at one of our three urgent care locations.

Already have the Tanner MyChart app? 

Open your MyChart app and follow the steps below to use On My Way. On My Way lets you go ahead and "reserve" your spot at any Tanner Urgent Care location. The option works you into the center's patient flow even before you arrive.

Here's how On My Way Works:


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