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Taking care of yourself is a priority, and the free Tanner MyChart wellness portal makes it easy!


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With Tanner MyChart, you can:

  • Request appointments
  • Message your healthcare providers
  • Order prescription refills
  • View test results
  • Pay bills online
  • And more!

Sign up today!

How to sign up

Download the free MyChart app to your Apple or Android smartphone.

When you have an appointment with Tanner:

  • Before, during or after your appointment, you will receive a link from your provider.
  • Click on the link and follow the instructions to create your new account with a username and password and then confirm your identity with your birthdate.

If you don’t have an appointment yet, you can still create your account so it will be ready for your next Tanner appointment:

  • Open the app in your smartphone.
  • Choose Tanner Health System.
  • Verify your identity by answering questions.
  • Your medical information will populate the account you created when you have your next Tanner visit.

Things to remember:

Tanner MyChart is a new tool. Tanner MyChart is replacing the former myTanner patient portal. Tanner MyChart is not a replacement for regular doctor’s visits and should not be used in emergency situations. For emergency care, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department. Your provider(s) will continue to determine if an appointment is required in any health situation.


MyChart Questions

Need Help?

Assistance is available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., by calling 770-812-6875 or emailing support@tannermychart.org.


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