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Taking care of yourself is a priority, and the free Tanner MyChart wellness portal makes it easy!

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Tanner MyChart

Tanner MyChart is your healthcare management app, designed to give you instant access to your health information. The easy-to-use app makes it easier to access and share medical records, schedule X-rays and CTs, view exam results, order prescription refills, message your doctors and even save your place in line at Tanner Urgent Care — all from your smartphone or tablet — anywhere, anytime.

What’s new with Tanner MyChart?

Tanner MyChart’s newest features put a host of new tools at your fingertips, with a new
layout that makes it easier to access the features that matter to you.
With Tanner MyChart, you can:

  • Message your doctors
  • Request and manage scheduled appointments
  • Order prescription refills
  • View test results
  • Schedule imaging procedures (X-rays, MRIs and CT scans)
  • eCheck-in for imaging and other appointments, saving time when you arrive
  • Make payment plans and pay bills online
  • Send and share medical records
  • Get financial assistance
  •  View your vaccination records and health reports
  • Sign up for free classes
  • Explore resources from our Health Library
  • And more

Sign up today!

Things to remember:

Tanner MyChart is a new tool. Tanner MyChart is replacing the former myTanner patient portal. Tanner MyChart is not a replacement for regular doctor’s visits and should not be used in emergency situations. For emergency care, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department. Your provider(s) will continue to determine if an appointment is required in any health situation.


Need Help?

Assistance is available:
Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.,
at 770-812-6875
or by emailing support@tannermychart.org.

Sign Up For Tanner MyChart

Learn more and register for your free Tanner MyChart account at TannerMyChart.org.

How to Download the App

Download it the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to your smartphone or tablet.


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