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Tanner Rheumatology Specialists 

Trust us for a treatment plan that gets you back to the life you love.

Tanner Rheumatology Specialists

At Tanner Rheumatology Specialists, we offer comprehensive rheumatology services with the latest diagnostic tools and clinical findings.

Helping you get back to the life you love

By focusing specifically on rheumatology care, Tanner Rheumatology Specialists provides comprehensive rheumatology services to every patient. 

We listen to your symptoms, ask about your previous diagnoses and treatments, conduct a physical exam and use the latest diagnostic tools and clinical findings to develop your personalized treatment plan.

What we offer

Rheumatologists do the detective work to discover and manage the cause of your swelling and pain. We diagnose and develop treatment strategies for rheumatic diseases, including musculoskeletal and autoimmune disorders.

Musculoskeletal disorders are conditions like osteoarthritis that affect your muscles, bones and joints. Autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma, are the result of your immune system sending inflammation to areas of your body when and where it isn’t needed.

Any of these rheumatic diseases can affect the quality of life by causing you pain, swelling, stiffness and deformity. We diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan to get you back to the things you enjoy.

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Tanner Rheumatology Specialists

905 Dixie Street, Suite B | Carrollton, GA 30117
Phone: 770-812-5003
Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

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