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Financial Assistance

Tanner offers financial assistance to qualifying patients. We understand that some patients may not have insurance or the ability to pay for the care they need. 

If you have trouble paying for one or more healthcare services received from Tanner, contact our Patient Financial Assistance team at 770-812-5795.

You may also visit us at:

Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton
Patient Financial Counselors (next to the Cashier’s office)
705 Dixie Street
Carrollton, GA 30117


Program eligibility requirements

Our Tanner Patient Financial Assistance Program covers payment for medically-necessary care. It does not cover routine co-pays and deductibles for patients who have health insurance coverage unless a hardship is documented. The program also excludes services that are not considered medically necessary, such as cosmetic surgery or fertility services.

How to apply

To apply for Patient Financial Assistance at Tanner:

  1. Download an application. Download the instructions and application. Supporting documents — such as bank statements, W-2s, etc. — are necessary for a complete application. (En Español: Para applicar, bajar la instrucciones y forma.)
  2. Meet required income and family size requirements. We use a sliding scale based on your family size and income level to determine your hospital discount. Your family income must be less than two times (or 200%) the current Federal Poverty Guidelines for each size family. Click the following link to view or download Tanner’s Patient Financial Assistance Program Information sheet as a .pdf document. This will explain how we determine if you meet the required income guidelines.
  3. Complete and submit the Patient Financial Assistance Application. Please return the completed application with supporting documentation within 45 days of receipt. We will notify you of your financial assistance decision within 15 days of receiving the completed application. Assistance may be denied without a completed application.

Additional help

For help completing the application or other questions, please contact our Patient Financial Assistance team via email or at 770-812-5795.

Learn more

For Tanner’s complete Patient Financial Assistance Policy, please choose your location below:

Learn more

Learn more about Tanner’s Billing and Collection Policy.

Other financial options


  • Medicaid: We help patients without health insurance apply and to obtain Medicaid coverage, when applicable.
  • Uninsured Discounts: We provide a 60% discount on hospital bills when a patient has no health insurance and is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Financial Hardship: We may be able to provide assistance when a financial hardship leaves you unable to pay an outstanding balance after all third-party payments.
  • Payment Plans: We allow payment plans upon request.



To inquire about these financial options, contact our Patient Financial Assistance team via email or call us at 770-812-5795.



If you have questions that weren’t answered on this page, please contact our Patient Financial Assistance team via email or call us at 770-812-5795.



Consumer guide to healthcare prices

Hospitals are required to post a list of their Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs), a classification structure for both Medicare and Medicaid used to pay hospitals according to the patient’s severity of illness, intensity of treatment, length of stay and other variables.

Need a price estimate?

The best way to obtain an estimate of the cost of scheduled or anticipated services is to call us at 770-812-9721. We can provide estimates for patients with or without insurance.


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