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Rehabilitation Services

Helping you regain what you have lost. 

Rehabilitation Services

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program

Our comprehensive rehabilitation program is for people who are on the road to recovering their health, but may need more time to recover before being moved or discharged.

Also called a “swing bed,” the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program is offered at Higgins General Hospital in Bremen and Tanner Medical Center/East Alabama in Wedowee. The rehab program prepares you for life after the hospital. 

Facilities designed to help you heal

Including comfortable, private rooms and well equipped rehab spaces

Expanding your options for care

Our Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program is for patients who need a less-intensive level of care than they have received while in the hospital but who are still not ready to leave treatment.

The program allows doctors to provide you with additional care for up to two weeks. Services available include:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Education about living with a condition or recovery
  • Time to understand a new treatment that will be needed outside the hospital

Hands being held

About the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program

You can be discharged from the hospital and admitted to the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program at one of the following facilities:

Higgins General Hospital in Bremen, Georgia
Tanner Medical Center/East Alabama in Wedowee, Alabama 

You will receive weekly visits from a physician and constant supervision from a team of nurses and other healthcare professionals. You care will include:

A spacious, private hospital room
Hot meals from the hospital
Rehabilitation and nursing
All services available to every other hospital patient

Is a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program the right choice for me?

If you no longer need intensive treatment in the hospital and are ready to step down to a less rigorous level of care, your doctor may consider writing orders to discharge you from the hospital and admit you into the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program.

The program is not a long-term solution for your healthcare needs, like a nursing home. Rather, we’ll work with you to help you live as independently as possible when you leave the hospital and help you adjust to your next phase of care.

Does insurance cover my comprehensive rehabilitation care?

The Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program — or “swing bed” — is a covered benefit under Medicare and almost all commercial insurance. Our Resource and Case Management Department can verify your coverage for the program.

The program is not, however, covered by the Medicaid programs administered by Georgia and Alabama.

Learn More:

  • Higgins General Hospital Case Management: 770-824-2270
  • Higgins General Hospital Nursing Administration: 770-824-2200
  • Tanner Medical Center/East Alabama Case Management: 256-540-1239
  • Tanner Medical Center/East Alabama Nursing Administration: 256-540-1002


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