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Rehabilitation Services

Helping you regain what you have lost. 

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services

The goal of rehabilitation services is to help you regain your strength and independence after an illness or injury. Rehabilitation care may be necessary to help you re-learn skills like eating or speaking, rebuild your strength and mobility and adjust to daily living activities.

At Tanner, our rehabilitation services help you learn to adapt and go forward with your life. We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy at different levels of care, including:

  • Comprehensive rehabilitation (or swing bed) program
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Home health
  • Occupational health

As part of your recovery, an individual treatment plan will be created just for you, and our rehabilitation staff will be there to assist you along the way. Our physicians work with rehabilitation staff to provide:

  • Improved mobility, motion and quality of life through the most modern techniques
  • Advanced evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal and other problems
  • Development of braces and supports for a variety of conditions
  • Advanced manual therapy/mobilization of the spine and extremities
  • Specialized work reconditioning programs and education

Our locations

Physical, occupational and speech therapy services are delivered in coordination with nursing care in Tanner’s inpatient care units at:

Physical and occupational therapists, as well as speech pathologists, work with other healthcare providers in the home health and in-home hospice care environments. Outpatient therapy is also offered in Bremen on the campus of Higgins General Hospital.

If you have suffered a work-related injury, you will have access to physical therapy services as part of your treatment through Tanner’s Occupational Health program. Occupational Health physical therapy services are available at the Tanner Urgent Care/Tanner Occupational Health facility in Carrollton.

You must have a referral from your physician or surgeon to schedule an appointment for rehabilitation services.


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