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Rehabilitation Services

Helping you regain what you have lost. 

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation at Tanner

Our rehabilitation program provides skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services for patients recovering in the hospital but who may need additional time to heal before they are ready to be discharged home or to a less-intensive level of care.

Helping patients return home stronger

Our care team includes experienced physicians, nurses, therapists and other healthcare providers dedicated to helping patients recover and prepare for life outside the hospital.

The rehabilitation bed program is available at Higgins General Hospital in Bremen and Tanner Medical Center/East Alabama in Wedowee.

Expanding your options for care

Our rehabilitation program is designed for patients on the road to recovering their health — but who are still not ready to leave treatment. This program provides comprehensive rehab services in a comfortable and stable environment, allowing patients up to two weeks of additional care. Our rehabilitation program ensures patients are healthy enough for life after leaving the hospital to help them avoid future hospitalizations. 

Our services available include: 

  • Skilled nursing care 
  • Physical, occupational, respiratory and speech therapy 
  • On-site physicians 
  • Private rooms 
  • Rehabilitation gyms 
  • Meal and nutrition services 
  • Case management 
  • Pharmacy services 
  • Education about living with a condition or recovery

Facilities designed to help you heal

Including comfortable, private rooms and well equipped rehab spaces

Is the rehabilitation program the right choice for me?

If a patient no longer needs intensive hospital care, their physician can determine if they are ready to step down to a less rigorous level of care. At that point, they may be admitted to the rehabilitation program.

However, our program is not a long-term solution for healthcare needs, like a nursing home. Our care team works with patients to help them live independently after leaving the hospital. Our goal is to help patients adjust to their next phase of care.

Does insurance cover my comprehensive rehabilitation care?

Our rehabilitation program is covered under Medicare and almost all commercial insurance. Our Resource and Case Management Department can verify a patient’s coverage for our program.

However, our program is not covered by the Medicaid programs administered by Georgia and Alabama.

Learn More:

  • Higgins General Hospital Case Management: 770-824-2270
  • Higgins General Hospital Nursing Administration: 770-824-2200
  • Tanner Medical Center/East Alabama Case Management: 256-540-1239
  • Tanner Medical Center/East Alabama Nursing Administration: 256-540-1002


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