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Convenient Imaging Services

Don’t put off the imaging service your medical provider has ordered — we’re ready to get your results fast and close by. 

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Imaging is used to give doctors a better idea of what’s happening inside your body. Imaging procedures may use radiation — as in X-rays — magnets or sound waves.

At Tanner, our imaging services ensure the highest quality images in an environment focused on your comfort and safety. 

Scheduling your appointment

You can use your Tanner MyChart app to schedule your imaging appointments. Your medical provider will need to give you an order for your imaging procedure. Once ordered, check your email or text to schedule your appointment. 

Need help scheduling? Call Tanner's scheduling and pre-services department at 770-812-9721 and they can help you schedule via phone.

A convenient choice for imaging services

You shouldn’t have to travel far for the imaging services you need. Our hospitals in Carrollton, Villa Rica, Bremen and Wedowee feature advanced imaging equipment and services.

The Tanner Imaging Center, located in the Tanner Health Pavilion at 706 Dixie Street, offers clear, hospital-quality imaging services in a convenient, cost-effective outpatient environment.

A leader in imaging innovation

Just because you live in a rural region doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to advanced diagnostic imaging services. We continually invest in new and better imaging technologies. These make imaging procedures safer for patients by reducing the necessary exposure to radiation, while also producing better, clearer and more detailed images.

We’ve been at the forefront for a host of imaging technologies, from digital mammography to non-contrast cardiac MRI. When you receive imaging services here, you know your care is leading edge in the industry.


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