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Don’t put off the imaging service your medical provider has ordered — we’re ready to get your results fast and close by. 

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Tanner Imaging Center

If you have a high-deductible health plan, the cost of imaging services matters. Outpatient imaging offers a lower-cost option than hospital imaging.

We’ve made imaging more convenient — and more affordable — with the Tanner Imaging Center.

Why choose outpatient imaging services?

Outpatient imaging services are billed as a standalone service without additional hospital fees. This reduces the out-of-pocket cost for imaging care.

The Tanner Imaging Center is also more convenient. Our imaging services are offered outside the hospital in the new Tanner Health Pavilion in Carrollton.

It’s easier to park, easier to register and easier to keep your appointment time.

Services available at the Tanner Imaging Center

The Tanner Imaging Center offers clear, hospital-quality imaging services in a convenient, cost-effective outpatient environment.

You can save time and cost for:

Schedule an outpatient imaging service

Your medical provider can easily enter your order for imaging services through our Epic health record system.

When your order has been entered, you can call to schedule your procedure at 770-812-5979.

We’ll help you verify that your health plan covers services at Tanner Imaging Center when you call for an appointment.

Learn more about our outpatient imaging services

If you have a high deductible insurance plan, the Tanner Imaging Center, located in the new Tanner Health Pavilion, is the smart, affordable choice for hospital-quality images available in an outpatient setting, lower out-of-pocket costs, close to home and ample, free parking with valet assistance available. Watch this video to learn more now.

A smart choice for outpatient imaging

With outpatient imaging at Tanner, you’ll receive your scans on the latest hospital-quality equipment, providing clear and detailed images for radiologist review. Clearer images mean more certain diagnoses and more effective treatments.

Our imaging center is conveniently located on the first floor of the Tanner Health Pavilion in Carrollton, just across from Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton. And as a Tanner patient, you can receive test results through the secure Tanner MyChart patient portal.

Four regional options for imaging


We also offer hospital-based imaging in Carrollton, Villa Rica, Bremen and Wedowee.


Look inside


Get more details on the diagnostic imaging services we offer.



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