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Charges for Care at Tanner Hospitals

In compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) hospital price transparency guidelines, effective Jan. 1, 2019, Tanner Medical Center Inc. provides links (see below) for each of our facilities’ Chargemaster price list.

These prices do not always reflect all costs associated with the service and the service may be represented by multiple line items. The actual cost of your care may be higher or lower based on factors specific to you, such as length of stay in the hospital and the complexity of your medical condition.

It is important to note that the charges by Tanner hospitals and other hospitals evolve over time in response to varying and complex reimbursement methods and structures imposed by Medicare and Medicaid or negotiated with commercial insurers. What Tanner is ultimately paid varies greatly by payer and is significantly discounted from charges listed on the downloadable files below. In many instances, Tanner is paid a flat rate regardless of the charges or underlying cost of care.

With some insurers, this reimbursement doesn’t cover the cost of care.The prices on the lists are our standard gross charges for hospital services only and do not reflect insurance discounts or uninsured discounts. These prices do not include physician or other provider fees that are billed separately from hospital fees, including but not limited to anesthesiologists, hospitalists, pathologists, radiologists, cardiologists, emergency room physicians and other specialists who participate in your care.

Tanner provides services to patients without regard for a patient’s ability to pay. We provide financial assistance in many forms, from working with patients and families on qualifying for Medicaid and Medicare, providing charity care, and providing self-pay discounts to patients with the ability to pay but with no insurance coverage.

Hospitals are also required to post a list of their Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs), a classification structure for both Medicare and Medicaid used to pay hospitals according to the patient’s severity of illness, intensity of treatment, length of stay and other variables.

Tanner Chargemaster price lists

For Tanner's downloadable price lists (in Microsoft Excel format), choose a location:

A DRG file for all Tanner facilities is also available for download.

COVID-19 Testing

Diatherix Covid-19 Virus   CPT 87635   Uninsured Price $120



If you have questions that weren’t answered on this page, please contact our Patient Financial Assistance team or call us at 770-812-5795.



Consumer Guide to Healthcare Prices

The free HFMA Consumer Guide for Understanding Healthcare Prices was developed to help consumers understand where to get answers to questions about healthcare prices, prices among providers and manage their out-of-pocket costs.

Need a price estimate?

The best way to obtain an estimate of the cost of scheduled or anticipated services is to call us at 770-812-9721. We can provide estimates for patients with or without insurance.


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