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Congestive Heart Failure Clinic

What is congestive heart failure (CHF)?

CHF is a common heart disease where the heart doesn't pump blood suffi­ciently to meet the body's needs. It often results in fluid build-up in the lungs, legs and abdomen.

Signs of new or worsening heart failure include:

  • Breathlessness that worsens during sleep
  • Swelling in your feet, ankles and legs
  • A feeling of tightness in your abdomen
  • Increased tiredness and breathlessness with normal activity
  • Rapid weight gain (three pounds in a day or five pounds or more in a week)

Get the support you need to feel better and live longer

A CHF diagnosis doesn't mean you can't lead an enjoyable life. Tanner Heart & Vascular Specialists’ Congestive Heart Failure Clinic is designed to provide Tanner Medical Group (TMG) patients with education and support to manage the disease.

With appropriate treatment and commitment to lifestyle changes — especially a low-sodium diet — you can alleviate your symptoms, feel better and lead a longer, active life. Understanding your condition helps you collaborate effectively with your healthcare team.

CHF requires close medical monitoring, along with important lifestyle changes and home care to avoid being admitted or readmitted to the hospital. If you have been diagnosed with CHF and need the support of Tanner Heart & Vascular Specialists’ CHF Clinic, your TMG cardiac or primary care provider will speak with you about the clinic or provide a referral.

To learn more, call 770-812-9326.

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