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Tanner Intensive Family Intervention Program

Children with emotional and behavioral health challenges can benefit immensely from outside intervention and counseling. At Willowbrooke at Tanner, we realize that every family and every child has different needs. We strive to provide tailored treatment through the Tanner Intensive Family Intervention Program (TIFIP).

Home-based intensive family therapy

TIFIP aims to promote a healthy family environment and prevent the need to place children in out-of-home situations, such as inpatient hospitalization, detention, therapeutic foster care or residential treatment.

family with counselor

Our therapists will work with you and your child in your family's home to assist you in resolving the current crisis and to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Through intensive family therapy, we will connect your family with vital community services and resources, teach you to cope with your current circumstances and family issues, and work to improve parents’ and legal guardians’ capacity to care for a child with exceptional circumstances or special needs.

Care for the whole family

TIFIP services are geared toward the child in need, but they also include the whole family. During the program, children and their families will receive time-limited, in-home intensive family therapy at least three times per week from a team of three therapists. This intensive approach helps prevent the need for out-of-home treatment. A full-time program coordinator will also help facilitate social work and the coordination of services.

parents with young child and counselor

Expert oversight

For those families that require it, the TIFIP therapy team has access to an on-staff psychiatrist.

Get help

If you think you or a family member may benefit from intensive family therapy or to schedule a confidential mental health assessment, please call 770-812-3266.

For immediate assistance with a behavioral or emotional crisis, please call our 24-hour helpline at 770-812-9551. Our staff members are trained in crisis intervention and can help you with next steps.

Behavioral Health Care

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