Tanner Health System MyChart

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Tanner Health System is committed to providing health care that exceeds your expectations for quality and convenience. We are guided by our mission:

  • To provide a continuum of quality healthcare services within our resource capabilities.
  • To serve as a leader in a collaborative effort with the community to provide health education, support services and care for all of our citizens.

How do we fulfill this mission?

The foundation of everything we do is caring for people.

That’s why:

  • We work to earn your trust and make you an active participant in your care.
  • We measure success by how well we satisfy our patients and deliver against national standards of quality.
  • We invest in state-of-the-art technologies and an experienced, knowledgeable team of professionals.
  • We provide courteous and prompt service for every patient.

Our Vision

Through the caring and dedication of our team of employees and physicians, Tanner Health System will be recognized as the Provider of Choice for quality, accessible health care for our patients and community.


Our Values

  1. Recognition that our customers come first.
  2. Education must be encouraged, supported and made available if we are to fulfill our dreams and reach our potential. We must all be lifetime learners.
  3. Teamwork is the basis of our organizational structure.
  4. Individual and corporate integrity shall never be compromised.
  5. Improving quality must always be our focus.
  6. Our relationship with one another shall be founded on mutual respect.
  7. The foundation for everything we do is caring for people.


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