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Tanner Surgical Services is Ready for You – Strong, Safe and Close to Home

Urgent elective surgeries are back on the calendar at Tanner hospitals this month.

Procedures are being triaged based on physician recommendations.

If your surgery was postponed, you will be contacted by phone by our Tanner Scheduling team to reschedule.  You will be asked screenings questions for COVID-19 symptoms and potential exposure. You will complete pre-surgical testing, which may include a COVID-19 test. Your physician will discuss any impact of test results on your procedure.

New elective surgeries will also be accommodated as possible, with priority for postponed procedures.

Infection prevention is what we do

Some surgical patients may have concerns about infection risk. Rest assured – infection prevention is our specialty and what we do every day, and with every patient. The safety of our patients, staff and visitors will always be our priority.

Some of the ways Tanner is continuing to provide care for patients across the system while ensuring infection prevention, include: 

  • appropriate use of telehealth visits and in-person appointments;
  • pre-screening of Tanner Medical Group patients before appointments for symptoms and potential COVID-19 exposure;
  • required facial coverings for everyone – medical staff, patients, visitors – while in hospitals and Tanner Medical Group practices;

  • hand sanitizing stations at all entries, exits and other critical areas within hospitals and Tanner Medical Group practices;

  • social distance accommodations during patient flow, including appointment scheduling;

  • rigorous and frequent cleaning and sanitizing of Tanner facilities, equipment and surfaces throughout the system, including a robot utilizing ultraviolet light;

  • personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand hygiene protocols, established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for all healthcare staff;

  • continued visitor restriction in all five hospitals;

  • and daily monitoring of all healthcare staff for illness.

Questions about your upcoming surgery?

You may have other questions about your upcoming surgery. Review frequently asked questions now.

Advancing Your Recovery From Surgery

Surgery isn't the ordeal it used to be. 

Minimally invasive procedures — made possible through advances in medicine and technology such as robotic surgery systems — allow physicians to work with more precise tools through smaller incisions, allowing for a faster and safer recovery with less discomfort for patients. 

In fact, about 90% of all surgical cases performed at Tanner Health System are on a same-day basis, with the patient discharged from the hospital to recover at home within 24-hours of their procedure.

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