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Why Epic?

 Why did we select Epic as our partner?

Epic is the number one electronic health record in the world, maintaining the health records of more than 200 million people worldwide. An extensive review process was conducted. Epic presented the best overall functionality and has a successful track record working with academic medical centers, community hospitals and clinics.

How will Epic Focus improve patient care?

Improved care and patient satisfaction is at the heart of our vision of a single patient record for Tanner Health System. Epic Focus will enable clinicians to coordinate and integrate patients' care, and will simplify the patient experience.

What is the Epic Focus team?

Epic Focus is being implemented by a dedicated team of over 100 team members, vendor and consulting staff. Also, we are tapping subject matter experts (e.g., clinicians, physicians, nurses and business office experts) from across all disciplines and functions throughout Tanner Health System during the course of the implementation. Want to join the team? Check out our career opportunities.

Will non-Tanner physicians migrate to the Epic platform?

Tanner is providing an option for independent physicians to participate through Epic's Community Connect platform. Community Connect will allow non-employed practices to utilize Tanner’s EMR to share our community’s patient records while keeping your private financial data separate. If you would like more information or have a question, please submit an email to EpicCommunityConnect@tanner.org.

Some of my patients are also seen at other hospitals in the area (e.g., Piedmont, NE Georgia, Wellstar). Will I be able to see data from those organizations?

Epic has an application, Care Everywhere, that allows organizations that use Epic to share pertinent clinical data (results histories, encounter summaries).


Questions about EpicFocus?

Questions about Epic Focus?


Please submit them to epicfocus@tanner.org.



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