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Epic and Physicians

When it comes to implementing a new electronic health record, the involvement of providers is critical to ensuring the new system is a success. Tanner Health System is involving its providers in the Epic electronic health record (EHR) implementation project through the following actions:

  • Appointment of Bonnie Boles, MD, as Physician Executive to help lead the project and ensure other providers are excited and engaged.
  • Recruitment of more than 50 Physician Champions and subject matter experts (SMEs) to help contribute to the actual design and build of the system and provide feedback along the way.
  • Regular communications with the almost 600 physicians — including both Tanner Medical Group and independent providers — who practice at Tanner’s facilities to keep them up-to-date on progress and address their concerns and questions.
  • Benchmark survey of Tanner practicing physicians to understand time spent on documentation and key pain points of current systems used by Tanner.

"My interest in the Epic Implementation project has been fueled by a desire to help improve the patient and provider experience. Patients should be more engaged and more involved in their health care when they have access to their health information in MyChart, Epic’s patient portal. And providers should have a more efficient and personalized system that will save them time and energy that will be better directed toward actual patient care." 

                                     - Bonnie Boles, MD, MBA


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