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What To Expect

We provide swift and trusted emergency services at Tanner Health System. Our expert, compassionate team provides excellent care and keeps you informed.

What to expect in the emergency room 

  • Registration. When you arrive at the emergency room, one of our nurses will take your vital signs and medical history. 
  • Wait times. We do our best to see patients as quickly as possible, but cases are prioritized by severity. People with life-threatening or limb-threatening illnesses and injuries will be seen first. 
  • Assessment. After the waiting area, you will go to a treatment room where a doctor will perform an assessment of your condition. 
  • Tests and procedures. The doctor’s assessment will determine what tests and/or procedures need to be performed to care for you. 
  • Discharge or admission. You will be treated and discharged with instructions for at-home or follow-up care, or you will be admitted to the hospital for observation and further treatment.

Pastoral support

Our chaplains are always available to provide spiritual support while you or a loved one is in the hospital. Please ask a nurse or call hospital extension 9461 to connect with a chaplain.  

Visitor policy

If you are looking for a patient in the emergency room, please check in with the registration desk. We will let you know the patient’s room number and when you can visit. Visitors are limited to two in the room at a time. 

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