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Booking your scans with Tanner MyChart

An exciting new option in Tanner’s MyChart app enables patients to skip queuing up on hold and schedule their diagnostic imaging scans at their leisure at a Tanner imaging center near them.

How self-scheduling in MyChart works

  1. Check your email or texts. When a provider orders an imaging scan, you’ll get a link from Tanner via email or text to schedule your scan.
  2. Answer the questions. These will help us understand your personal preferences and more.
  3. Schedule! Choose a date and time! You’ll be given available options at our facilities in Carrollton, Villa Rica, Bremen and Wedowee, so you can book your test or scan nearby.

You’ll need a Tanner MyChart account to schedule your test or scan. If you don’t have an account, you’ll receive a card from your provider’s practice guiding you through the easy set-up process.

Once you have a provider’s order, you can start the process at TannerMyChart.org.

More options to schedule your imaging scan

If you’d rather a Tanner team member help you schedule your scan — or if you experience any problems completing the process — call 770-812-9721 and choose Option 1.

Why choose Tanner for diagnostic imaging?

Many outpatient imaging centers are operated for-profit, using substandard equipment to keep their profit margins high and returning low-quality images.

At Tanner, each of our diagnostic imaging centers uses high-quality, hospital-grade equipment, providing images with greater detail for more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatments.

Our imaging equipment ensures the most comfortable and safest image experience and provides detailed images for your provider’s treatment plan.

Learn more about the imaging services at Tanner.

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