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Patient Safety

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In-person, virtual visits through Care Your Way

As normal operations resume, Tanner Medical Group’s more than 40 practice locations will continue to offer in-person and virtual visits through Tanner’s Care Your Way for patient convenience and comfort.

Routine in-person appointments for chest pains, allergies, annual check-ups and other routine health care needs are available or you can schedule virtual appointments with Tanner Medical Group and Willowbrooke at Tanner clinicians using a laptop or mobile device.

Contact your physician’s office to determine the best option for your care. You will be asked screenings questions for COVID-19 symptoms and potential exposure. For a list of Tanner Medical Group practices, visit the Tanner Medical Group page now.

Some patients may have concerns about infection risk. Rest assured – infection prevention is our specialty and what we do every day, and with every patient. The safety of our patients, staff and visitors will always be our priority.

Some of the ways Tanner is continuing to provide care for patients across the system while ensuring infection prevention, include: 

  • Appropriate use of telehealth visits and in-person appointments;
  • Pre-screening of Tanner Medical Group patients before appointments for symptoms and potential COVID-19 exposure;
  • Required facial coverings for everyone – medical staff, patients, visitors – while in hospitals and Tanner Medical Group practices;
  • Masks provided to wear during your visit;
  • Hand sanitizing stations at all entries, exits and other critical areas within hospitals and Tanner Medical Group practices; social distance accommodations during patient flow, including appointment scheduling;
  • Rigorous and frequent cleaning and sanitizing of Tanner facilities, equipment and surfaces throughout the system, including a robot utilizing ultraviolet light;
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand hygiene protocols, established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for all healthcare staff;
  • Visitor restriction in all practice locations except with pediatric and special needs patients or when special assistance is needed;
  • Daily monitoring of all healthcare staff for illness.

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