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Preventing and Managing Diabetes

From carb counting and nutrition education to diabetes management education, we can help you prevent and manage diabetes.

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For Professionals

Understanding is essential for effective diabetes management, but many physicians and advanced practice providers don’t have time to provide adequate education in a clinical setting.

Get Healthy, Live Well can help, with programs to supplement the patient education you offer in practice. It’s easy to refer patients to our programs, and we work with you to help them manage their disease.

We offer outpatient nutrition counseling, diabetes education with a registered nurse who is a certified diabetes educator, and a host of free community programs to help patients manage or even prevent diabetes.

Easy patient referrals for diabetes education

Just download the Community Health Evidence-based Education order form (.pdf) and fax it to 770-812-5776. We’ll follow up with the patient from there and keep you posted on their progress.

If you have questions or want to know more about our programs and services, call 770-812-5954.


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