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Diabetes and Pregnancy: How to Maintain A Healthy Pregnancy

While it can be hard to manage pregnancy and diabetes, it's vital that you create ways to keep both you and your baby healthy. Here are three ways to reduce the risks of complications while pregnant.

Plan for pregnancy by seeing your doctor frequently.

Make sure to schedule frequent check-ups with your doctor throughout your pregnancy.

This will give you and your doctor an opportunity to review your diabetes medication and add new medication if necessary. Be flexible with these changes as you prepare to accommodate your new life, and be sure to have frequent follow-up appointments to monitor them.

Exercise regularly.

Exercise can be a great tool to keep your blood sugar under control and reduce the risks of complications during pregnancy. Consult your doctor about safe ways to exercise at each stage of pregnancy. This could consist of something as simple as walking for 30 minutes a day.

If looking for a safe and fun form of exercise, try prenatal yoga!

Eat healthy foods.

Eating the right foods to maintain blood sugar levels is an essential part of living with diabetes.

Even more so, this style of eating will provide nutrients for your baby. Consult a dietitian on how to eat preventative foods and choose healthy alternatives for your blood sugar levels.

Dealing with diabetes and pregnancy can be difficult, but you can ensure a healthy life for you and your child with these methods.

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