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Practicing pediatric medicine while maintaining close relationships between medical providers, patients and their families.


After-hours Care

Illnesses are never convenient — but at Tanner Healthcare for Children, getting treatment is.

Along with same-day appointments for sick visits during normal office hours, we also make care accessible on evenings and weekends. That’s the advantage to choosing a pediatrics provider that’s part of a regional health system like Tanner.

Saturday clinic

We make sick care more accessible with our Saturday Clinic. Our providers offer appointments at our Carrollton office from 8:30 to 11 a.m. each Saturday

Our Carrollton office is on the second floor of the Tanner Health Pavilion, just across Dixie Street from Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton. You can schedule your visit by calling 770-812-8640.

Tanner Urgent Care

Tanner Urgent Care offers walk-in care for minor medical emergencies.

As part of Tanner, your child’s electronic health record follows them throughout the system, giving any provider within Tanner a better look at their health history, allergies, notes from other providers and more. That’s part of the advantage of choosing Tanner Urgent Care over other urgent and immediate care practices.

Staffed by primary care providers, Tanner Urgent Care has locations in Carrollton, Villa Rica and Bremen. Each location offers a number of on-site services, and are opening evenings and weekends.

Find locations and wait times at TannerUrgentCare.org.

Emergency care

At Tanner Healthcare for Children, your child is part of a regional health system that offers around-the-clock emergency care at four regional 24-hour emergency departments.

Tanner’s emergency departments are staffed with board-certified, fellowship-trained emergency medicine physicians. As with our Tanner Urgent Care practices, these providers have access to your child’s electronic medical record, where they can see your child’s health history and document the care they provided for review by your pediatric specialist. This keeps everyone on the same page concerning your child’s health.

Find a Tanner emergency department near you or learn more about our emergency services.

On-call assistance

A member of our team is always on call, ready to respond with reliable advice concerning your child’s health.

If your child is seriously ill or experiences a health-related problem that cannot wait until an appointment is available, you can reach our after-hours answering service by calling 770-812-8640. The answering service will take down your information and contact our on-call provider, who will return your call.

The on-call provider can offer phone advice for your child’s condition, help you decide if you should follow-up during office hours or advise you to take your child to a hospital emergency department right away.

Please remember that our on-call providers also provide pediatric emergency care in at each of Tanner’s hospital facilities. If an on-call provider is involved in an emergency, the response to your question may be delayed.

While there is no charge for after-hours calls, please reserve questions about feeding, development, medication refills, dosing for over-the-counter medications, scheduling or rescheduling appointments and other non-emergency questions for regular practice hours.


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