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Remarkable Paws Pet Therapy

Tanner’s pet therapy program invites people ages 18 and older and their registered therapy dogs to volunteer at a Tanner facility. By volunteering with your pet, you can make a remarkable difference in the lives of our patients, families and staff—sharing comfort, laughter and a moment of peace.

Ready to volunteer?

To join Remarkable Paws, start by completing Tanner’s online application, and choose Pet Therapy as your Area of Interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

How does pet therapy at Tanner work?

Through Tanner’s pet therapy program, you and your therapy dog may visit waiting rooms, staff areas and patient rooms.

Our human volunteers must be:

  • 18 years or older. 
  • Able to volunteer with their therapy dogs once a month, for a minimum of six consecutive months.
  • Willing to follow CDC recommendations for hospital volunteers, including providing an immunization record - if born after 1957 - getting an annual flu shot and TB test.
  • Willing to submit personal references, have a background check and complete an interview and training.

Our therapy dog volunteers must be:

  • One year or older.
  • Registered with The Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Therapy Dogs International or Pet Partners, and can provide documentation.
  • Able to volunteer with their handler once a month, for a minimum of six consecutive months.
  • Able to provide proof of current annual health and fecal exam by a licensed veterinarian along with current vaccination records.
  • Clean and well groomed, with trimmed/filed nails, clean teeth and in good general health.
  • Able to provide documentation of pet therapy insurance.
  • Able to successfully complete a pet therapy “interview” before being added to the regular visit schedule.
Pet Therapy at Tanner

Questions about pet therapy?

We’re here to help! Call the Volunteer Services Office at 770-812-9251.


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