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A great senior living experience is about helping people stay active, independent, engaged — and healthy.

Memory Care

Memory loss presents special challenges that require specialized care.

Whether you’ve cared for a loved one in-home as long as you could or a recent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia has created a need for specialized accommodations, The Birches at Villa Rica offer the level of care and compassion for which Tanner Health System is known.

Reflections memory care at The Birches

The Reflections memory care program at The Birches help residents rediscover their joy in life.

Each person receives an individualized treatment plan that focuses on their needs, life experiences and capacity for self-care. Through one-on-one and group activities, our specially trained staff work with loved ones to encourage independence, promote social interactions and respect their dignity.

Each Reflections memory care program caregiver receives full training in the program, with techniques to encourage residents’ independence and sense of self. And through validation therapy, we work with residents on their terms with respect to their own perceptions, without confusing efforts to “reorient” them and respecting their feelings and emotions.

A specialized environment for memory care

We designed the memory care unit at The Birches to promote freedom of choice while keeping our residents safe and comfortable.

Our open floor plan encourages movement and social interaction. Our homelike environment is tranquil and familiar, and our courtyard allows safe access to the outdoors for walking, gardening and fresh air.

The Birches offers suites and studio apartments to promote safety and permit privacy for residents.

Personalized care for every resident

Each resident has unique needs. While task lists are important, ensuring a loved one’s most basic needs are met isn’t a hallmark of a great memory care experience.

We develop — and frequently revise — care plans for each resident. We respect their autonomy, giving them the flexibility to decide when it’s time for bathing, to eat and what activities they’d like to do. Great care does not come at the loss of our residents’ dignity.

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Learn more about memory care

Visit The Birches at Villa Rica webpage for more about memory care services.

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Speak to our staff

Do you have specific questions about our memory care program?


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