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5 Things That Happen When You Train for a Half Marathon

Half marathons aren’t for everyone — but for those who are passionate, committed and ready, there’s no better test of physical endurance and ability.

But no one just casually signs up to run more than 13 miles. Half marathons take training and months of it.

So, what happens to your body — and your mind — when you’re preparing for a super-long run?

More Calories Out, More Calories In

Portion size and diet are hugely important to the fitness-focused, but when it comes to the rigors of a half marathon, you’ll need fuel. Training can shift your body into a hyperactive calorie-burning machine. Just make sure you continue to feed it right and snack healthy. And if you want more professional advice, speak to a registered dietitian.

Runs Shorter than 10 Miles Are a Breeze

Your friends are running a 5K? How quaint! Half marathon training isn’t the same as following a couch-to-5K program on your phone. The endurance needed to run 13.1 miles means your cardiovascular system — and your leg muscles — are primed for the most rigorous of physical challenges.

You Find Your Chafe Points

It’s simple, really: Skin + Sweat + Clothes = Chafe. And when you’re doing high-level endurance exercise, you’ll find that your clothes can rub you wrong in new ways. Training is the time to try out the gear (and anti-chafe balms) that will work best for you.

Sleep Becomes Everything

Training for a half marathon takes a lot out of you — and sleep is your most restorative solution. Find chances to take short naps during the day when possible (and safe — sneaking out to sleep in your car isn’t always restful or ideal) and plan for an early bedtime. And while you’re in bed, make the most of your rest with healthy sleep habits.

Your Self Confidence Is Through the Roof

You ran a half marathon. Just say it — and think about what that means. You set a goal, and you accomplished it. Maybe you didn’t finish with the best time, but few are the folks who can dedicate every waking hour to honing their body for that kind of competition. If you can log 13-plus miles of straight running, what else can you do?

Ready to lace up and show the world what you’ve got? The Carrollton Half Marathon is coming up! Pick half marathon or run as a relay team. The event is Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021, in Carrollton, Georgia. Register now at runcarrollton.com!

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