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Tanner Names Drs. Warren and Park to Lead Medical Leadership Team

Two members of Tanner’s medical staff have stepped into new leadership roles at the health system.

Dr. Heather ParkRichard Warren, MD, a board-certified emergency medicine physician, will serve as Chief of Staff, and Heather Park, MD, a board-certified vascular surgeon, will serve as Vice Chief of Staff. Both will serve a two-year term.

Together, they serve as physician liaisons between health system’s medical staff and its Board of Directors, executive leadership team and medical executive committee, facilitating clinical initiatives, streamlining processes and improving patient care.

Both doctors bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their new positions, and both have served in other leadership roles across the health system, including on peer review committees, bylaw committees and others.

Dr. Park, who’s been a member of Tanner’s medical staff for nearly eight years, has had an integral role on the vascular leadership team and in helping manage operations for the department.

Dr. Warren has practiced at Tanner for 17 years, working in a leadership capacity for more than a decade.

As heads of the medical staff, they aim to follow the leadership of physicians before them by continuing to foster communication with clinical teams throughout the health system and improving patients’ quality of care.

Dr. Richard Warren“I am thrilled to be serving in this position and to be a part of a medical staff that provides quality health care,” Dr. Park said. “I’ve certainly been encouraged in a leadership aspect here at Tanner by Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Ben Camp, MD, as well as Alyssia Howard, MD, who has preceded me on a number of committees and leadership positions.”

Dr. Warren served as Vice Chief of Staff alongside Dr. Howard, a board-certified anesthesiologist, who served as Chief of Staff from 2019-2021. Dr. Camp, who formerly practiced with Dr. Warren as an emergency medicine physician, serves as senior vice president and chief medical officer for Tanner.

“My role as Vice Chief of Staff was made easy by Dr. Howard, who was very good at it, and Dr. Camp was a mentor who had an influence on me as well — that’s helped prepare me for the role today.” Dr. Warren said.

“I think we are fortunate that our predecessors have made this job a lot easier by working very hard on our initiatives, like improving our electronic medical records — implementing a new Epic system — and helping our patients understand how the system works and how it makes scheduling an appointment easier,” Dr. Warren said. “I’m looking forward to continuing our growth and improving upon the excellent care that we deliver.”

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