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EAP for Employers

 Your organization relies on the productivity of your people. Engaged, productive employees work faster, better handle professional demands and workplace changes, and are more creative in their interactions with customers and clients.

You already offer other benefits to attract and retain top talent — like a health plan, paid vacation, tuition reimbursement and more. Adding engage EAP is another way of demonstrating your commitment to your employees’ health and happiness.

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At engage EAP, our services help:

  • Teams stay productive with counseling services that help employees focus on your organization’s goals
  • Save on hiring and training by helping your team through issues that could lead to resignations or terminations
  • Preserve staffing levels by overcoming barriers to productivity, getting more done with the team you have
  • Retain top staff by proving to professionals that you value their wellbeing
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How EAP helps your company

Along with being among the most common behavioral health issues in the nation, depression and anxiety are also among the top reasons that employee productivity suffers. These issues are so prevalent that they affect workers at every level and in every industry, from front-line staff to senior executives.

Some lost productivity comes from workplace challenges, like strained relationships with colleagues or institutional changes in how the organization conducts business.

Other issues fall beyond the purview of the organization. Members of your team are less productive because of financial problems, family issues, personal health struggles and more.

engage offers solutions for lost productivity, helping you cultivate a team that’s operating at the top of its game.

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Call us at 770-834-8327 to learn more about how engage can serve your organization.

Research supports the effectiveness of EAP programs

 Research from the National Mental Health Association shows that employees who come to work but cannot be as productive as possible can cost an organization up to 12% of its workforce’s productivity every day.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Federal Occupational Health service has also studied the impact that employee assistance program services had on more than 60,000 workers. The study found that:

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  • People who had difficulty completing daily work due to emotional health problems demonstrated a 73% improvement in productivity
  • Tardiness and unplanned absences declined by a day and a half per case
  • Participants’ clinical functioning improved by an average of 10%


A workplace outcome survey conducted among established engage clients has shown similar results:
  • The number of respondents who said that a problem had caused them to miss work declined by 9%
  • Respondents who said their problem kept them from enjoying their work declined by 32%
  • Respondents who said they felt anxious at work declined by 32%

Some of the nation’s largest, most productive companies — like Abbot Laboratories, Chevron, the Hartford Group, McDonnell Douglas and Southern California Edison — have conducted intensive cost-benefit studies on the value of employee assistance programs. All found significant improvements in employee attendance, reduction in behavioral health and substance abuse issues and other benefits.

Referring employees to EAP

Engage EAP is a powerful benefit for employers to offer their teams. Our services help your team overcome difficulties that impact productivity and performance.

You can refer an employee to Engage EAP by calling 770-834-8327.

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