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EAP for Employees

We all face challenges in our personal and professional lives. We feel overwhelmed, confused or frustrated. We put our family, friends or colleagues ahead of ourselves.

Whether problems are personal or related to your job, engage EAP helps you find solutions. Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are employer-provided counseling services. engage EAP from Tanner Health System provides licensed, experienced therapists to help employees work through problems hindering their happiness and productivity.

Privacy for EAP clients

The concerns you discuss with our team will remain private. Your company’s management will only receive notification that an employee has attended an initial session. No further information will be shared without written profession.

How engage works for employees

Initial appointments focus on identifying issues — personal or professional — and solutions. Follow-up appointments will guide you toward those solutions.

The First Call

Your first call is answered by engage staff who listen to your reasons for calling. Our staff will route your call to a licensed counselor who can give immediate assistance or who can schedule a convenient appointment time. 

First Appointment

At your appointment, some paperwork will provide basic information to the counselor and explain engage’s privacy policy. After the paperwork is completed, you will visit with a counselor. Your first appointment usually lasts about 90 minutes, with subsequent appointments lasting up to an hour. 


If necessary, appointments may be scheduled to continue working toward a resolution. Depending on the nature of the concerns, you also may be referred to other professionals, such as other mental health counselors, attorneys, financial consultants, physicians or any variety of specialists.

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See How engage EAP Helps You

Download our brochure for clients for more detail on our programs.


Engage follow-up with managers

Usually, the only information a manager will receive from engage is that an employee attended an initial session.

Unless you give written permission, no information of a personal nature is provided to anyone. When there are job-related issues in need of resolution, you may choose to involve the manager, but will be required to sign a release for appropriate information to be exchanged.

Cost and eligibility

You are not charged for telephone contacts or visits to engage. The service is provided by your employer through their contract with Tanner Health System. Our services are also available to your dependent family members. In most cases, your health benefits will pay a portion of any referral costs.

Before your visit

Find downloads of your pre-visit forms on our Resources page.

Our location

We are located near the railroad tracks north of Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton. Appointments available by calling 770-834-8327, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Additional hours available by appointment at 770-834-8327. After hours counselors on call for consultations.


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