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Keeping Kids Engaged Over Summer

As the days grow longer (and hotter) we know summer’s on the way! 

That also means kids are itching to trade in their homework assignments for playtime. While fun in the sun is essential, it’s also important to keep kids engaged in learning over the summer break. 

Here’s some tips on how to keep your kids entertained — and educated.

Summer camps offer engagement and variety

Most of us think of summer camps as non-stop outdoor play, but the camps of today can be both fun and educational. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to summer camps — and you can choose a camp that focuses on physical activities like swimming or other sports — but there are other educational summer camps offering both joy and learning. 

Coding camps focus on STEM education, keeping your child’s brain engaged while having a good time. Local museums also offer summer camp activities in a range of fields, such as art and arts education. 

For those with a green thumb or a love for the outdoors, there are also gardening and agricultural programs where kids can get a little dirty while boosting their knowledge.

Check out local library programs

Your local library is for more than just borrowing books: There are many free programs available for kids of all ages in the summer. 

Some offer reading challenges and other activities, like computer classes. Your local library can also be an excellent resource for those households who do not have reliable internet access or a computer at home, allowing children to work on any summer assignments they need to complete before the next school year begins.

Keep a schedule

There can be a temptation to throw all the rules out of the window for summer when it comes to things like daily or weekly chores and a set bedtime. 

You can relax your schedule a bit, but it’s important to keep up with a routine as much as possible. This makes the transition from summer fun time to back to school easier in the fall.

Stay social over summer

When not in a daily school environment, it can be hard for some kids to get the in-person interaction with their friends that is essential for development.

For younger children, it’s important to make sure they have opportunities to play and interact with their friends. Set up playdates to local parks or consider planning a block party to ensure that kids get the socialization they need.

Parks and recreation

An often-missed gem of a resource is your local parks and recreation department. 

With a plethora of both indoor and outdoor free and low-cost activities, your local parks department provides new opportunities for learning and fun. Many also offer discounted rates for families with multiple children in the same household. 

Your child can improve on skills they already have or discover a new hobby. There are also often opportunities for you to participate in activities with your children so you can have a little summer fun, too.

Keeping kids engaged in the summer months not only benefits them during the break, but you will see the benefits when these carefree days come to an end and its once again time for them to hit the books.

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