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10 Tips to Cut Back or Quit Drinking

Sometimes, a glass of wine or a beer feels like a reprieve from life’s troubles. But then, it becomes a habit.

Alcohol becomes your source of stress relief — and those occasional drinks become an everyday thing.

Drinking too much alcohol increases your risk of developing alcohol-related diseases or injuries.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, here are 10 tips that will help you cut back or quit drinking.

  1. Set a goal. Know the reason why you’re doing it and remind yourself every day to stay motivated.

  2. Stay busy. Find activities to keep you busy — something that works for you and makes you feel good: sports, yoga, cardio, walking your dog, Zumba, biking or hiking.

  3. Just say, “NO.” When confronted with the opportunity to drink, remind yourself why you want to cut back or quit. Don’t give in to temptation.

  4. Make good choices. When it’s time to go out to eat or attend a family reunion, choose a healthier drink. Acknowledge that you have options — no one should judge you for improving yourself.

  5. Find your squad. Surround yourself with people who keep you on track. Know when to walk away from those who don’t support you. Keep relationships with people who understand you, have the same mentality as you and will motivate you to work on yourself.

  6. Don’t keep alcohol in the house. When you purchase alcohol to keep at home, you are more tempted to take a sip here and there. It’s best not to have it around if you know you’ll be tempted.

  7. Drink slowly. When you drink slowly, you are more likely not to want more than one drink. After finishing a drink, have a glass of water or natural-flavored juice.

  8. Treat yourself. When you have achieved your goal — whether it’s to drink one glass of wine a day or not drink any alcohol at all — buy yourself a fancy dinner or eat your favorite chocolate. Reward yourself to stay motivated.

  9. Read a book. If you’re going out and you know you will be tempted to have a drink, try staying home and reading a book. Reading a book is a good way to keep yourself busy. Pick a book you will enjoy so time goes by fast.

  10. Follow a routine. When you do the same thing every day, you’re more likely to focus on that routine than your temptations. Wake up at the same time every day, exercise daily, or plan and cook healthy meals. Keep a planner to stay organized and keep track of your goals.

If you’re struggling with alcohol misuse issues, Willowbrooke at Tanner’s inpatient addiction services or specialized outpatient substance abuse programs, Journey and Regain at Willowbrooke, can help.

To speak with an admissions counselor or request more information, call 770-812-3266. Or, learn more about the Addiction Services available at Willowbrooke at Tanner.

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