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The FENIX Continence Restoration System

It’s Time to Take Back Control

If you suffer from accidental bowel leakage (ABL), also known as fecal or bowel incontinence, the fear of having “accidents” can keep you close to home and feeling isolated. But you’re not alone — ABL affects 10-15 percent of adults.

Experts suspect ABL actually affects more adults than these statistics show, because many suffer in silence. Don’t be embarrassed to talk about your symptoms — we can help you manage your condition and take back control of your life.

ABL is Highly Treatable

Whether you have leaks, can’t make it to a restroom in time or don’t even realize you have to go until it’s too late, ABL is highly treatable. Treatment options include procedures that can repair, lend additional support to or replace your rectal muscles such as:

  • Injectable bulking agents or radio-frequency ablation to increase the thickness of the anal wall
  • Sacral nerve stimulation to stimulate the anal sphincter muscles
  • Surgery to divert bowel function outside of the body (colostomy or ileostomy)
  • Surgery, which may include sphincteroplasty or anal sphincter augmentation with the FENIX Continence Restoration System

How Does FENIX Work?

The FENIX Continence Restoration System (pictured above) is the only FDA-approved surgical implant for fecal incontinence. It’s a small, flexible ring of magnets (about the size of a quarter) that’s inserted in the anal canal to reinforce the weak sphincter muscles. The magnetic beads separate to allow the controlled passage of stool and then close again to stop accidental bowel leaks.

Is FENIX Right for You?

If more conservative treatments haven’t worked, or if you’re seeking help with ABL for the first time, you may be a candidate for the FENIX Continence Restoration System.

Dr. Cullison is a board-certified urologist with West Georgia Urology and on the medical staff of Tanner Health System. He is one of the few specialists in the U.S. who has been trained to utilize FENIX. Take back control of your life by calling 770.214.CARE today for a referral. It could positively change your life.

West Georgia Urology has locations in Bremen, Carrollton and Villa Rica, Ga., and Wedowee, Ala. For more information, visit www.wgurology.com or call 770.834.6988.

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