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Annual Tanner T-shirt Sales Help Provide Mammogram Assistance

With October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month just around the corner, Tanner Cancer Care’s annual commemorative T-shirts are now on sale to help provide screening mammograms to women in our community who can’t otherwise afford them.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. Early detection through mammograms means earlier treatment and better outcomes — as well as peace of mind for loved ones.

All T-shirt profits are used to provide screening mammogram assistance. By purchasing, wearing and sharing Tanner’s breast cancer awareness T-shirts every year, supporters provide important awareness and help ensure that women of all ages across our region get their breast cancer screening — even if they can’t afford it.

The 2020 T-shirt design is brand new, capturing the spirit of the life-saving gift its purchase makes possible. The pink Comfort Colors T-shirt in "peony" features the trademark breast cancer ribbon and an inspiring “I support” message in bold white type. For maximum awareness this year — especially when worn with sweaters and jackets — the message has been moved to the front of the T-shirt, a change that repeat purchasers will recognize.

T-shirts are available in short sleeves for $30 and long sleeves for $35 and are on sale now on tanner.org. For safety and convenience, all T-shirts will be shipped for a small fee.

Click here to place your order.  

As a special bonus, each T-shirt sold this year will also come with a coordinating face mask to keep everyone safe.

For 13 consecutive years, Tanner has sold the commemorative breast cancer awareness T-shirts, raising more than $200,000 to provide mammogram screening assistance.

“Mammograms have had a dramatic impact on survival rates for women diagnosed with breast cancer. We are so pleased and gratified that our community has joined with us in ensuring every woman in our area gets her breast cancer screening, whether she can afford it or not,” said Brian Dill, executive director of the Tanner Foundation. “We’ve already received inquiries about the availability of this year’s T-shirt, and we are grateful for the interest and support.”

To learn more about Tanner Foundation, visit TannerMedicalFoundation.org.