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Are You Addicted? 6 Questions to Ask

Do you worry that you may be addicted to drugs or alcohol? Are your loved ones concerned that you have an alcohol or substance abuse problem? Have you faced negative consequences from the use of drugs or alcohol?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, ask yourself six more questions:

1) Has your alcohol or drug use negatively affected one or more of your relationships? If you find yourself in a strained relationship — or with no relationship at all — with family and friends who don’t approve of your actions or who don’t share your habits, you may have an addiction. Those who frequently lie to friends and family about the use of drugs or alcohol also may have an addiction.

2) Has your work or school performance ever suffered due to drinking or drug use? People with addictions often find it hard to complete schoolwork or manage work responsibilities. Does this describe you?

3) Have you ever stolen alcohol or drugs… or money to pay for them? Addictions can drive people to do things they know are wrong, like stealing. Think you’d never do that? Have you manipulated anyone into giving you money, then used that money to purchase drugs or alcohol?

4) Have you ever overdosed, needed medical attention for the misuse of a substance or had a health scare because of it? Addiction can often lead to health issues. When severe, it can lead to death.

5) Do you use drugs or alcohol when alone or when you first wake up in the morning? When substance misuse becomes a part of your daily routine, you may have an addiction.

6) Do you think about drugs or alcohol in between using them? Those who crave substances to the point of thinking about them constantly or worry about running out of them have developed an addiction. People with a substance use disorder, or addiction, may experience physical withdrawal symptoms, also known as the DTs, when sober. Others have a psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol because both can stimulate the brain’s pleasure center with usage. If you cannot control your use of substances, you may have an addiction.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you could have an addiction and a serious substance misuse problem.

Step 1 is to admit that you have an addiction. Step 2 is to get help.

Addictions can happen to anyone under all kinds of circumstances. The addictionologists, counselors and therapists at Willowbrooke at Tanner don’t judge — we help.

Whether you are abusing alcohol, prescription drugs or illicit substances, we have the addiction counseling expertise and treatment programs to help you face and recover from your addiction.

To begin your recovery, call 770-812-3266 now to schedule a free substance abuse screening.

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