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Benefits of Doing Yoga for Mom and Baby


It’s no secret that yoga can help adults strengthen their bodies and calm their minds. But did you know that yoga can also benefit babies?

According to an article published in The Practicing Midwife journal, yoga can aid digestion, alleviate colic, improve sleep patterns and strengthen tiny limbs. Postnatal yoga can also help mothers rebuild weakened pelvic floor muscles, strengthen abdominal muscles and alleviate back and neck pain. Here are more reasons practicing yoga can benefit you and your baby.

Strengthen the mother-child bond

Aside from the physical benefits, practicing yoga will help deepen the connection you have with your baby. Traditional poses are modified so that you can practice while holding and rocking your child.

Reduce stress

You may have heard that multitasking increases stress, but that’s not always the case. Prenatal yoga allows you to bond with your baby, relax and take care of yourself at the same time. Not only that, but yoga incorporates breathing techniques that will help you manage stress.

Find support and make friends

Attending a yoga class provides the perfect opportunity to meet other moms trying to balance life with a newborn. Your child will also get a chance to make friends with other babies. So, strike up a conversation with other moms before or after a class.

If you’d like to practice yoga with your baby, it’s best to wait until your little one is six weeks old. When you are performing movements, it’s very important to make sure your infant’s head is supported. Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

Ready to sign up for a class?

Get Healthy, Live Well offers Baby and Me Yoga classes that meet weekly for a total of six hour-long sessions. The cost of the six-week class is $35. Space is limited, and registration is required. Visit www.tanner.org/yoga to register today. Medical clearance from your healthcare provider is required.