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We’re keeping you up-to-speed on COVID-19 and its impact on our region.

About COVID-19

What is Coronavirus 2019?

Why is it called Coronavirus 2019? Where did it come from? What makes it different from other viruses? This video from the World Health Organization (WHO) sheds some light.

How does Coronavirus 2019 spread?

Most cases of COVID-19 have spread from person-to-person. It can also spread from contact with surfaces or objects that have the Coronavirus 2019 on them. Learn more about the transmission of COVID-19.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus 2019?

Fever. Cough. Shortness of breath. It may take two to 14 days after exposure to experience symptoms of COVID-19. See everything you should look for.

What can you do to reduce the potential stigma of Coronavirus 2019?

During a public health emergency, such as the outbreak of COVID-19, fear and anxiety can lead to social stigma toward people, places or things. Learn what you can do by knowing the facts and sharing them with others in the community.

What else do I need to know about Coronavirus 2019?

The Georgia Department of Public Health has prepared an excellent slideshow (.pdf) to make sure everyone is up-to-speed on what the virus is, how it spreads and actions you can take to keep yourself safe.

Are you a clinician?

See COVID-19 Information for Clinicians.


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