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Free Nicotine Cessation Classes Starting Dec. 2 in Carrollton

Kick the nicotine habit for the new year.

Interested smokers, vapers, chewers and dippers can join a free Freshstart nicotine cessation program offered by Tanner Health System’s Get Healthy, Live Well.

Freshstart —designed by the American Cancer Society — supports participants through the first few days when quitting is the hardest, then teaches them how to master obstacles that may come later. The program is designed to help participants develop coping skills for the physical and psychological side effects that come with going nicotine-free.

The next class series will begin Dec. 2 and Jan. 7 In Carrollton. Classes meet one hour a week for four weeks. All materials are provided.

The group sessions provide nicotine users with education on quitting, skills for coping with cravings and motivational support. Those who attend the classes learn the lifelong benefits of quitting nicotine and how to avoid a relapse.

An important part of the program is making an individualized plan to quit. To help fight the urge to start using nicotine again, participants are asked to make a list of things they could do instead.

More than 700 people throughout Carroll, Haralson and Heard counties have been served by Freshstart tobacco cessation programs offered by Get Healthy, Live Well since July 2013. According to surveys taken by 121 participants, the average packs of cigarettes smoked per week fell nearly a pack, from 5.5 to 4.8.

Participants also showed a 10% increase in confidence to cope with nicotine cravings.

Visit tanner.org/freshstart to register for a free Freshstart class now or call 770-214-CARE (2273).