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Workforce Wednesdays

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has been a devastating experience for many employees and employers.

Even when the pandemic is passed, there will be lingering effects to address. We have assembled a panel of experts and speakers who have faced these challenges firsthand, and they are ready to share their insights.

Tanner Health System's Get Healthy, Live Well, in partnership with the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, would like to invite you to our upcoming online series, Workforce Wednesdays.

Kicking Out the COVID-19 Pandemic - Sept. 15

Join Laura Larson, MD, medical director of infection prevention for Tanner Health System, as she discusses where we were and where we are now in regard to the pandemic.

COVID-19 Vaccinations and Improving Workplace Health - Sept. 22

Join Tami Turner, employee health nurse at Occupational Health for Tanner Health System, as she discusses vaccinations and what you can do to protect employees.

Why Workplace Wellness Works and How to Promote It - Sept. 29  

Join Tonya Fulks, outreach operations manager, and Emily Talley, vice president of human resources, for Tanner Health System, as they discuss workplace wellness.

Overcoming COVID-19 Barriers for Better Employee Engagement - Oct. 6

Join Emily Talley, vice president of human resources for Tanner Health System, as she discusses one of the major obstacles for businesses — employee engagement.

Best Practices of Working From Home and the Healing Process After 2020 - Oct. 13

Join Rachel Markham Walker, Ed.S., LPC, CEAP, manager for Tanner Health System's Engage Employee Assistance Program, as she discusses the best practices for working from home during the pandemic.

Wrapping It Up - Advice From Community Leaders - Oct. 20

Join Mandy Baeumel, vice president of people and culture at Southwire, Karen Middlebrooks, chief administration officer at Systems & Methods, Inc. (SMI), and Jeremy Moore, environmental health and safety coordinator at Yachiyo Manufacturing of America, as they share their insights about the challenges businesses face while navigating the workplace during a pandemic, how they overcame them and what to do moving forward.

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