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Nurse Extern Program


To provide senior nursing students that are enrolled in a traditional nursing program of study with an opportunity to explore professional nursing opportunities within Tanner Health System, in an effort to facilitate their understanding of the nurse’s role within each setting as they shadow expert clinicians within the clinical specialties available.

Program objectives

  1. Provide the senior students with a realistic perception of the role of RN, while gaining valuable clinical experience.
  2. Improve recruitment and retention of the post graduate nurse through the development of interpersonal relationships, team work, organization, critical thinking and problem resolution.
  3. Reduce the overall amount of time needed for the post graduate RN orientation through early onboarding and skill development.


Provide 20 Extern Positions

  1. Externs will be selected by an application process and personal interview.
  2. Externs must maintain a GPA of 3.0 throughout the extern program.
  3. Externs must meet the standards of ethics and behavior to remain in an extern position. The extern will be subject to the Tanner Health System Disciplinary Policy.
  4. Externs who complete the extern program will receive priority as a graduate nurse for open positions.
  5. Externs may select a specialty tract of interest, which include:
    • Medical - Surgical specialties (stroke, oncology, surgery or general Med Surg units)
    • Maternity Services
    • Critical Care - Emergency Services (includes Cardiovascular Services)
    • Surgical Services
    • Behavioral Health Services
  6. Rotations will be coordinated to provide the externs with experience.
    • Externs will shadow with a mentor/preceptor to be assigned by Education.
    • Performance of clinical tasks will be limited to those within the scope of a nurse technician.
    • The externs will begin the program with orientation to the facilities with a validation of basic skills associated with the Scope of practice.
    • Tanner Health System will provide monthly classes to enhance the extern’s clinical experience and promote professional development. Class examples include “Critical Thinking Skills,” “Rhythm and EKG Interpretation,” “Stroke Smart,” etc. Interns will be expected to attend as many classes as possible during the externship.
    • Extern activities and work hours will be coordinated with school/clinical schedules.

Eligibility criteria

  • Entering or in senior year in a traditional RN nursing program
  • GPA of 3.0
  • Student in good standing with no discipline issues
  • Current BLS
  • Completion of online application, including resume

Application process

Applications will be accepted for posted positions on this website. HR will assure that applicants are eligible for hire and meet basic requirements.

Selection process

Applications will be reviewed by the education coordinator and nursing leadership. Candidates will be selected for interview. Upon completion of the interview process, 20 candidates may be chosen to enter into the extern program.


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