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Tanner provides opportunities to advance
the health and wellness of our community
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Careers at Tanner

Joining Tanner

Your career at Tanner begins with finding a position that interests you and applying online.

Once we receive your application and resume, our team of talent acquisition specialists will review the application to ensure Tanner is right for you.. The application also will be reviewed by the director or hiring manager over the area for which you’ve applied.

Interviewing at Tanner

If your skill set matches the necessary skills for the position, you may be called for an interview with a talent acquisition specialist. An interview with the director or hiring manager may also be scheduled the same day or at a later time.

Be ready to be your best.


Dress neatly and professionally.

Avoid wearing flip-flops, shorts, tank tops or other overly casual clothing.

Do your

Take the opportunity to learn all you can about Tanner and our services.

Be punctual.

Arrive at least 10 minutes before your interview. If you’re unsure where to go for your interview, call ahead and ask.

Our hiring process

If the interviews go well, you may receive a job offer. The offer will be extended by a talent acquisition specialist.

The talent acquisition specialist will establish your start date. You will receive an email with details about the position, your pay rate and the talent acquisition specialist’s contact information. The email also will link you to your new hire paperwork.

Pre-employment appointments

The talent acquisition specialist will schedule your pre-employment appointment. All new hire forms should be completed before this appointment.

Items to bring for your pre-employment appointment include:

  • One or more forms of identification, such as an active driver’s license, Social Security card, certified birth certificate or active passport.
  • A voided check for a checking account or a deposit slip for a savings account so we can set up direct deposit for your pay.
  • Immunization records
  • Other items requested by the talent acquisition specialist, including licensure, diploma, transcripts, certifications and others.

Human resources staff also will take your picture for your Tanner ID badge and go over any additional forms, instructions for clocking in or any other procedures.

Post-offer physical requirements

After your pre-employment appointment, you’ll be asked to visit the Tanner Occupational Health center, located within Tanner Urgent Care/Carrollton.

You will be asked to present a photo identification, then you will:

  • Complete a medical history questionnaire
  • Provide a specimen for drug testing
  • Receive immunizations (if you are unable to provide immunization records)
  • Receive a TB skin test (if TB test has been positive in the past, a chest X-ray will be performed)
  • Receive an influenza (flu) shot
  • Allow a blood draw for titer levels
  • Receive a pre-employment physical
  • Be advised when to return for TB skin test results

Tanner Occupational Health will tell you to return within 72 hours for the TB test to be read. You also will need to return to the Human Resources Hiring Center to collect your Tanner ID badge.

Attending employee orientation

Within your first 40 days of employment, you will be scheduled to attend our monthly new hire orientation.

It will cover policies, procedures and general information about the health system.


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