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Worried About Your Sperm Count?

If you and your partner are looking to get pregnant, making sure your “swimmers” are ready for showtime can improve your odds of conception.

There are some factors that are beyond your control — sometimes, lower sperm counts result from genetics, not lifestyle choices. You can’t do anything about your heredity, but you can take a few precautions to make sure you’re not reducing your chance at reproduction.

Fish, not red meat

Studies have shown that healthy diets high in fish — like the Mediterranean Diet — can improve a person’s sperm count.

This diet includes a lot of fresh fruits, ample vegetables, whole grains — and plenty of fish. Red meats like beef, as well as dairy and processed foods, are limited.

Boxers, not briefs

The temperature “down below” can affect your sperm count. That’s why loose-fitting underwear is preferable.

Boxers give “the boys” a little room to breathe, compared to other types of undergarments that can “hug” testicles against the body, driving up the temperature.

Glass is better than plastic.

Emerging evidence is showing that microplastics have a significant impact on environmental factors, including human reproduction.

To give your sperm count a boost, set aside the plastic containers and pick glass for storing and reheating food.

Watch your weight for better sperm counts.

Men with more abdominal fat tend to have lower sperm counts than those who are narrow in the middle.

The Mediterranean Diet, linked above, is a great way to keep weight under control. Regular exercise can also drive up sperm counts. The healthier you are, the more likely you are to conceive.

Get tested, get help.

Need help making sure your gear’s ready to go? One of our urologists is ready to offer compassionate and confidential support. Visit tanner.org/urology for more.

We can also provide tests that check your sperm count and motility. Let us know what you’re facing, and we’ll explore the evidence-proven options that can help.

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