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Equine Therapy

Horses are very social animals, often mirroring the actions of people. Through our equine therapy program, Willowbrooke at Tanner helps patients foster this unique connection that is rich with opportunities for focused, interactive learning.

What is equine therapy?

Equine therapy, also called equine-assisted therapy, is a behavioral health treatment that uses horses to help patients process emotions and overcome personal challenges. Through various equine-assisted activities, patients are able to:

hand petting horse
  • Enhance and restore self-image and confidence
  • Strengthen social skills and relationships
  • Develop appropriate coping skills
  • Learn more handle new challenges
  • And more

The therapeutic benefits

Research indicates that equine therapy can be effective for patients dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, autism, dementia, conduct disorders and more.

Equine therapy may especially benefit children and adolescents who tend to shy away from physical and emotional closeness with other people. The unique bond between a person and a horse can foster mutual trust, respect, acceptance and confidence.

girl holding horse by bridle

Summer program

Willowbrooke at Tanner operates a weekly equine therapy program during summer months for patients enrolled in various Willowbrooke at Tanner programs. The equine therapy program is offered in partnership with Rachel’s Wish Foundation and the Possum Snout Horse Arena in Tallapoosa, Georgia. Transportation, picnic lunches and snacks are provided.

For more information about equine therapy, please call 770-812-3266.




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