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Tanner Health and Healthliant Ventures Partner With Care Sherpa

Tanner Health, Healthliant Ventures and Care Sherpa announced they have entered into an agreement for Tanner to deploy Care Sherpa’s lead management platform, a combination of software, services and strategy that supports and elevates patient engagement so that Tanner Health’s patients and potential patients enjoy improved personalized customer service.

The Care Sherpa platform guides healthcare providers to increased volumes and predictive revenue growth – managing the patient lead pipeline with highly personalized consumer follow up and patient support services.

Care Sherpa will help guide patients and consumers by using high-touch relationship services, including:

  • Facilitated Care: Supports a single point of contact to engage and manage consumers through the conversion-to-patient experience.
  • Service Line Consumer Management: Provides patients and consumers with personalized support and guidance throughout the conversion process to meet their individual needs.
  • Lapsed Patient Reactivation: Engages and reactivates consumers who may have previously shown interest, but who have not yet become patients.
  • ·Relationship Expansion: Supports patients and consumers with recommendations for additional health services that best meet their needs.
  • Service Recovery: Provides retention support and recovery when the patient experience does not meet expectations, as well as issue resolution and follow up to ensure needs are met.

Tanner Health will use Care Sherpa to provide patients and potential patients with comprehensive patient care based on deep analysis and personalized customer service — both informed by Tanner Health’s and Care Sherpa’s decades of experience in the healthcare industry and patient care.

“Tanner Health is looking forward to implementing Care Sherpa to establish stronger relationships between our patients and their providers,” said Kelly Meigs, vice president of marketing strategy and planning at Tanner Health. “Our goal is to use Care Sherpa to make it easier than ever for patients to get the care that they need without delays. Care Sherpa helps providers maximize patients’ customer experience by guiding them from first contact through any needed tests and treatments in a timely manner.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Tanner Health to build demonstrable value for their healthcare providers by personalizing the patient relationship and optimizing healthcare revenue by providing an outsourced conversion and patient management services,” said Jessica Walker, founder and CEO of Care Sherpa. “Care Sherpa believes that patient experiences matter, and they remember how you make them feel.”

About Care Sherpa

Founded in 2019, Nashville-based Care Sherpa is a patient engagement technology-enabled service that elevates the consumer experience for patients with live-agent concierge support to guide patients throughout their experience with health services. Care Sherpa makes it easier for patients by creating frictionless patient access for hospitals, health systems and outpatient providers.

Care Sherpa personalizes patient relationships, providing hyper-personalized patient management to leverage increased volumes and predictive revenue growth for healthcare providers. By combining technology and high ¬quality service, Care Sherpa creates a remarkable patient experience that directly translates to unprecedented patient satisfaction, cost savings, real-time reporting, and maximized return on investment (ROI).

Learn more at caresherpa.com.

About Tanner Health

Tanner Health is a five-hospital non-profit health system providing convenient, personalized health care to communities across west Georgia and east Alabama. Tanner Health physicians and staff provide the latest technology and treatment options to advance the health of our patients. In addition to their regional hospitals and care centers, Tanner operates Tanner Medical Group, one of metro Atlanta’s largest multi-specialty physician groups.

Learn more at tanner.org.

About Healthliant Ventures

Healthliant Ventures is dedicated to driving innovation, fostering strategic partnerships and transforming the way health care is delivered. Committed to advancing the industry, Healthliant Ventures focuses on developing innovative technologies and driving impactful change across the healthcare landscape.

Learn more at healthliant.com.