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Rehabilitation Services

About Rehabilitation

Rehabilitate - verb, to restore to customary activity through education and therapy

Naturally, the kind of rehabilitation needed to achieve the goal of restoring normal activity and the time and effort it will take varies with the nature and severity of each patient’s specific injury. What doesn’t vary is the need for specialized, focused, comprehensive care, whether a patient is being treated for a one-time problem or for a long-term condition.

Rehabilitation specialists provide patients with a rehabilitation plan that includes a variety of advanced techniques designed to restore normal strength, motion and flexibility and reduce pain as quickly and safely as possible.

Each patient’s injury is unique and requires individualized assessment and treatment. Our physicians and rehabilitation specialists work together, devoting their efforts toward achieving optimal function for every patient by developing an individualized plan of rehabilitation to eliminate the deficits of surgery, an injury or musculoskeletal problem and prevent it from returning.

Our physicians work with rehabilitation staff to provide:

  • Improved mobility, motion and quality of life through the most modern techniques
  • Advanced evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal and other problems
  • Development of braces and supports for a variety of conditions
  • Advanced manual therapy/mobilization of the spine and extremities
  • Specialized work reconditioning programs and education

Please take the time to learn more about Tanner's Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program (also known as a swing bed program) now. Cardiac rehab information is available in Tanner Heart Care. To learn more about the quality of care and patient safety that you'll receive at Tanner, click Compare Our Care.

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