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The Executive Committee of the 29th Annual Magnolia Ball: (center) Co-chairs Mrs. Melina Douthit and Mrs. Laura Lenaeus; (clockwise from left) Decorations vice-chairs Mrs. Emily Cryer and Mrs. Brooke Mobley; Auction vice-chairs Mrs. Liz Sibley, Mrs. Kristen Vance and Mrs. Jane Marrero.

The 29th Annual Magnolia Ball season kicked off on Jan. 31 at the home of John and Mandy Jackson. Chair of Tanner Foundation Board of Trustees, Mrs. Susan Fleck, introduced the 29th annual Magnolia Ball General Co-chairs, Mrs. Melina Douthit and Mrs. Laura Lenaeus. The co-chairs  thanked committee members and sponsors for supporting the 2019 Magnolia Ball, and recognized the auction vice-chairs Mrs. Jane Marrero, Mrs. Liz Sibley and Mrs. Kristen Vance and decorations vice-chairs Mrs. Emily Cryer and Mrs. Brooke Mobley.

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Redding were introduced by Dr. Howard Seeman as the Honorees of the 29th Annual Magnolia Ball.

Mr. Redding told the group gathered “Thank you for honoring us this way. We are so grateful for this health system. It’s incredible to have seen this system grow the way it has over the last 30 years … There’s no question that in this community the quality of life for all of us is improved because of what Tanner does.”  


This year's Magnolia Ball will benefit Willowbrooke Behavioral Health’s opioid and substance abuse addiction platform through Tanner Foundation’s Opioid Endowment Fund. One Georgian loses their life to opioid overdose every 12 hours, and the life expectancy for Americans has  dropped as the rates of overdoses and suicides climbs.

Yet death is only part of this tragic story. This epidemic burdens the social, health and economic wellbeing of our community. The ripple effects impacts entire communities – often in ways we don’t think about. It destroys lives, devastates families and has doubled the number of children in Georgia’s foster care in the last 5 years.

Your sponsorship, donations and auction bids will bring help, hope and healing to those affected by opioid addiction. Thank you for supporting the 29th Annual Magnolia Ball.

Tanner Foundation Executive Director, Brian Dill; Honorary Chairs, Randall and Tena Redding; Chair of Tanner Foundation Board of Trustees, Susan Fleck; Co-chairs, Laura Lenaeus and Melina Douthit; Tanner Health System Senior Vice President, Business Development and Behavioral Health, Wayne Senfeld; Jana and Howard Seeman.


About Tanner Foundation's Magnolia Ball

Now in it's 29th year, Tanner  Foundation’s Magnolia Ball has raised more than $10 million to support increased access to comprehensive, quality healthcare throughout the communities of west Georgia and east Alabama. With support from 70 sponsors and nearly 200 volunteers, a signature black-tie benefit unfolds each spring under expansive tents on the grounds of the Richards’ family estate in Carrollton.

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Support Tanner Foundation’s Opioid Endowment Fund by contributing to the Magnolia Ball.

For information regarding Magnolia Ball sponsorship, volunteer opportunities, tickets or auction donations, please call Tanner Foundation at 770.812.GIFT (770-812-4438).

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