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Outpatient Surgery

Outpatient Surgery

Many procedures that once required an overnight hospital stay may now be performed safely and quickly during the same day with or without an overnight visit. The time in the hospital depends upon your specific situation. Your surgeon can advise you regarding the pros and con of having your procedure as an outpatient.

About 85 percent of all surgeries can be performed on an outpatient basis. Some of the more common outpatient procedures include gastrointestinal procedures, gallbladder removal, shoulder surgery, knee surgery, laparoscopic tubal ligation and insertion of pressure equalization tubes in the ears.

Where to go

The following information desks will direct you to the appropriate locations for your surgery:

  • Carrollton Short Stay Unit - Located on Clinic Avenue at Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton.
  • Villa Rica Surgical Center - Located at 705 Dallas Highway, Suite 302, at Tanner Medical Center/Villa Rica.
  • Higgins Surgery - Located at 200 Allen Memorial Drive at Higgins General Hospital in Bremen.

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