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Patient Information

Diagnostic Testing

Tanner Health System offers a full spectrum of diagnostic imaging services that include MRI, CT, ultrasounds, radiology, mammography, bone density screening, nuclear medicine, PET scanning and angiography/cardiac catheterization.

Our imaging facilities include locations at the Patient Services Center in Carrollton, Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton, Tanner Medical Center/Villa Rica and Higgins General Hospital in Bremen.

Learn more about Tanner’s Diagnostic Imaging Services.

Where to go

Diagnostic testing is available at two locations in Carrollton:

  • Outpatient Diagnostic - Located on Clinic Avenue; provides services for outpatient diagnostic services scheduled on the main campus and for surgical day services.
  • Patient Service Center - Located at 119 Ambulance Drive; provides registration services for Diagnostic Imaging and other outpatient diagnostic services that are ordered by your physician.

Diagnostic services in Villa Rica and Bremen are located inside the hospital buildings.

Financial arrangements

Each patient’s insurance plan varies, so you should discuss the outpatient coverage with your employer or private insurance carrier to determine your specific insurance coverage. All charges that are not covered by insurance are the patient’s responsibility to pay. Personal checks, many types of insurance, VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards are accepted.

Physician bills

Your hospital bill will only include hospital charges. The physician's professional services are billed separately. You may receive separate bills from an anesthesiologist, obstetrician, radiologist and other professionals needed during your visit.

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