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Patient Information

Inpatient Stay

What to bring for an inpatient admission

It is imperative for complete and accurate billing that we receive proper patient identification and current insurance information at each registration. The below items may or may not be necessary, depending on your individual situation. It is vitally important that you bring everything necessary.

You will need to bring:

  • Picture identification
  • Insurance card, including the insurer’s name and address and the patient’s policy number
  • Social security number for patient and spouse
  • Cash, check, or major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) to pay for services not covered by insurance
  • Your employer’s name, address, and phone number if you are covered by traditional insurance or managed care (HMO or PPO) provided by that employer
  • Your spouse’s employer’s name, address, and phone number if you are covered by traditional insurance or managed care (HMO or PPO) provided by your spouse’s employer
  • Managed Care Referral Authorization if you are covered by an HMO or POS plan
  • Medicare or Medicaid card, plus the date of your spouse’s retirement if that applies to you
  • Advance Directive (living will).
  • Name, address, and phone number of your referring physician if you were referred here.


Insurance plans vary widely in their coverage and requirements for notification of in-hospital care. If you have any insurance-related questions before you arrive, please call the Business Office at 770.836.9566 (Carrollton), 770.456.3103 (Villa Rica) or 770.824.2230 (Bremen).

What to bring for your stay

To help assure a comfortable hospital stay, the items you may wish to bring with you include:

  • Personal toiletries, such as shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrush
  • Bathrobe and slippers or socks
  • Medications you take on a regular basis. Please write your name on the containers and inform your nurse. Be sure to take these medications home with you.
  • Glasses, dentures, hearing aid, or other assistive devices you may need. Please ask the nurse for a container to protect these items. Please label these and other personal items with your name, if possible.
  • Any instructions your physician may have provided
  • Cash to purchase a magazine, snack, and/or debit card for long distance calls (local calls are free).

What not to bring

As you probably know, hospitals are busy places. It can be difficult to keep track of personal items here. We are sorry that Tanner Health System cannot be responsible for your personal items, and ask that you not bring the following items:

  • Jewelry or other valuables
  • A lot of money or extra credit cards
  • Hair dryer, electric shaver or other electrical appliances (If you need assistance shaving, ask your nurse or another patient care staff member.)
  • Computer
  • Electronic calendar/appointment book

Creating an advance directive

You have the right to make informed decisions about your healthcare, including the right to accept or refuse treatment offered to you and the right to formulate advance directives. Accordingly, you may provide directions to the hospital, in advance, about your wishes for healthcare decisions should the time come when you cannot communicate your wishes to others.

Georgia and federal regulations require hospital personnel to inquire as to the presence of an Advance Directive. This includes a living will or durable power of attorney with a healthcare clause. Information on Advance Directives is provided to every patient upon admission. If you already have an advance directive such as a living will or durable power of attorney for healthcare, please provide the staff with a copy of it at the time of admission. For your assistance, Case Management personnel are available to answer any of your questions.

Getting to the hospitals

You may view online maps and directions to any of our facilities. If you have any questions, feel free to call the operator at any of our facilities for specific directions to meet your personal needs.

Checking into the hospitals

Registration is completed in the Admissions areas at each hospital. Please stop at the Information Desk at the hospital entrance for directions to the Admissions area at all of our hospitals. Admissions are open around the clock, year-round.

Making phone calls inside the hospitals

To call a patient's room, where XY or XYZ = the patient’s room number, dial:

  • Carrollton: 770.836.9XYZ (To contact a Skilled Nursing Unit patient, please call the main hospital number and speak to an operator.)
  • Villa Rica: 770.456.3XYZ
  • Higgins: 770.824.22XY

Receiving phone calls and having visitors

During your hospital stay, you have the right to be listed in the hospital directory or have your stay remain confidential.

If you desire for your information to be kept private from outside visitors, please check the privacy box on your admission form or tell the admitting clerk your wishes. If so, your name and your room number will not be listed in the hospital’s directory listing. This means that people telephoning you from outside our hospitals will be told by the operator that you are not on record and they cannot be connected or directed to your room. Accordingly, it will also mean that visitors requesting to see you will be told that there is no listing for a patient by your name.

If you wish to receive phone calls and visitors, please do not check the privacy box on your admission form.

Privacy issues

Because of laws protecting patient privacy (HIPAA*), the staff at Tanner Health System cannot release any information about you to your family and friends without your permission. When you are admitted, the staff will provide you with a paper where your PIN number (Personal Identification Number) is listed. You may provide this access code to the friends and family you wish to be able to obtain information about you. When someone presents a hospital staff member with your access code, the staff member may provide that person with information about your condition. Otherwise, only general condition terms will be provided to those inquiring on your behalf: fair, stable or critical condition.

* Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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