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Patient Information

Baby Delivery

Each year, more than 1,500 mothers-to-be choose W. Steve Worthy Maternity Center at Tanner Medical Center, Carrollton and the Maternity Center at Tanner Medical Center/Villa Rica to deliver their babies.

Before you get there

Your physician may provide you with the information needed to preregister for your hospital admission. Mothers who have completed the prenatal information packet provided during the third trimester will find that they have saved precious minutes upon arrival.

Where to go

In Carrollton, the W. Steve Worthy Maternity Center is located on the second floor of the main hospital at 705 Dixie Street. In Villa Rica, the Maternity Center is located on the third floor of the hospital at 601 Dallas Highway.

What to expect

Upon arrival, you will be admitted. You will be taken to an evaluation room for an initial exam. When your care provider determines you are in labor, you will then be moved into a LDR (Labor, Delivery and Recovery) room.

Visitor information

The birth of a baby is a special and exciting experience, and we understand the importance of family and loved ones. Tanner's maternity centers are specially designed with comfort in mind for the patient and family. Waiting areas and phones are available in each maternity center, and each labor and delivery suite is equipped with a private waiting room if you choose to have family and loved ones nearby during the labor and delivery time period. Extra time is allowed during visiting hours for the immediate family of our maternity patients. Siblings are allowed to visit Tanner’s maternity centers with adult supervision.

Learn more at Visiting Hours and Policies.

Financial arrangements

Each patient’s maternity coverage varies, so you should discuss maternity coverage with your employer or private insurance carrier to determine your specific insurance coverage. All charges that are not covered by insurance are the patient’s responsibility to pay. Personal checks, many types of insurance, VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards are accepted.

Physician bills

Your hospital bill will only include hospital charges. The physician's professional services are billed separately. You may receive separate bills from an anesthesiologist, obstetrician, radiologist and other professionals needed during your visit.

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