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Community Outreach

Tanner Community Outreach

Tanner Health System believes being active in the communities it serves and providing the community with access to important health information, education and screenings. That’s where Tanner Community Outreach comes in, providing the community with a variety of classes and services—from free information at health fairs to participation in community events, educational classes and free or low-cost health screenings.

Participation in community events

Each year Tanner participates in and/or sponsors a variety of community events. Recent examples include Gold Rush in Villa Rica, Founders Day in Bremen, the Midnight Run in Douglasville and the July 4 parade in Carrollton.

Educational classes and screenings

Tanner also regularly hosts a variety of educational classes and screenings at its own facilities that are open and free to the public. Recent examples include Learning CPR is Easy classes, the State of the Heart educational series, peripheral artery disease (PAD) screenings and more.

On-going community outreach programs

The following community outreach programs are on-going. Please click the links below to learn more about these programs:

For more information on a Tanner Community Outreach program or to invite Tanner to participate in your upcoming event, call 770.812-9761.

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